I Digress!

Sometimes these things—these “digressions”—cannot be helped. So one cannot be too hard on one’s self when they occur. As long as the diversions are duly accounted for, attributed with some meaning where applicable, and excused as merely men being men. Or in this case, a dandy being a dandy. Make of THAT what you will.


Meanwhile, what’s a dapper dude supposed to do? When part of my motivation is to find and report about beauty even if/when it occurs (especially?) in some of the most dire places and circumstances. To wit, an eyeful like Lt Russell Adams, who has been seen lately briefing journalists on the mysteries of Flight 370. Nor am I the only person (male or female) who’s noticed his looks over his noting of any events (or lack thereof).

But then as my guilt got me to look away, all my eyes fell upon were more notable examples of manly grace. Though with neither of them under the same pressure (as Lt Adams) and notably under-dressed! It should also be noted that my taking note—of Chris Daughtry’s recent physical transformation and of the Studio 54 jeans advert guy—had nothing to do with timing. Chris’ physique dates to late-2013 and “the dude” from the late-70s. But just availing yourself to what may come your way can bring forth much unexpected (but much appreciated) masculine bounty!


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