A “Dandy” Disclaimer

The opinions and viewpoints expressed and shown on this website, Well, Thats Just Dandy! (aka WTJD), are solely those of the curator(s). In no way do they, regardless of circumstance, reflect those aspects of the many others who’s work (opinions and viewpoints) appear herein. Unless it has been duly noted by that person or institution.

Additionally, any and all collaborative efforts, between WTJD and others, are entered into only for sole the purposes of producing the item(s) and/or commentary presented.

However, any presentation on this website of another’s work (opinion or viewpoint), and whether in collaboration with WTJD or alone, does constitute WTJD‘s support of their artistry/craftsmanship and/or commentary. But for the single item or expression presented, and for time period by which it is shown and agreed to between all parties involved.

Furthermore, no reprinting, re-issuing or additional use of exclusively entered-into designs (or impressions) are permitted outside of this venue without the express rights and permissions granted by WTJD and/or other parties involved.

Meanwhile, for any further information on any of WTJD‘s collaborators, links will be provided whenever possible.

Thank you

The Curatorial Staff of Well, That’s Just Dandy!