About Well, That’s Just Dandy!

“Well, That’s Just Dandy!” will be a website full of wit, a weblog of the natty, nifty—and often naughty(!), an intriguing line of arch accoutrements (both made for and as purveyors of others’ goodly wares), and THE destination for many foppish things and most dapper thoughts.

At the same time, “Dandy” is not to be about “don’ts” and “nevers”— but of suggested means by which one’s endeavors may lead to better ends; of presentation with some intended provocation; but (hopefully) without the expected pretense or acidic affectation.

Whenever possible, too, “Dandy” will celebrate in the commerce of the humbly (though carefully and quality) hand-crafted, the dutifully and beautifully domestic-made (in the USA), the limited-run over the excessively produced, the pleasantries found “around the corner” as much as ’round the globe, and all while being as accessibly priced and presented as possible.

So, please come and join our band of Beau Brummels and “wild” Oscars, by visiting www.WellThatsJustDandy.com and registering to be notified of the site and product line’s official launch date!