Awww, “NUTS”!

Ya know, being able to do two things at once is not my forté; I simply don’t know how these “tweeners” multitask. But maybe they’re not doing such a good job of it, too! In any case, I find it hard just to do one simple thing (at a time) well; attempting such dual purposes with harder stuff leaves me feeling even more inept.

So it is, that as I continue working on this website and the wonders I hope to include therein, while simultaneously working my “real job”, I often feel overwhelmed; and wondering if I’ll ever manage.

Then through the middle of my miasma, I find peace—in the form of a “Peanuts” movie preview! Heck, I didn’t even know one was due (though not ’til 2015). No matter, it sure helped to remind me—in its “back to the basics” way—that not everything (most everything?) need be extravagantly done in order to elicit feelings of finding perfect success in things done simply. I hope you enjoy its comforting charms as much as I!

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