Getting “On” With It!

02227_stripesocks_160x600It comes down to timing. Which isn’t often optimal. But in those cases one must be willing to bend a little. As it is with my latest post, and my trying to be timely (and dutiful) even when I’m not really ready to post.

Then things “happen” like the GIF to my left. It looks like your now-too-ordinary e-vertising (is that a word?) banner promoting socks. Well, yeah! However to me it is full of more than just the obvious promotional punch. That is, with my being a fan of OTC (aka “over the calf”) socks and an avid purchaser of American Apparel’s offerings, it is perfectly pointed towards me as the target consumer. Also, it’s about the kind of socks most men don’t typically wear, but that “dandy” ones more often do. Further, this website intends to show (feature/promote) things in varied ways, including presenting that which suits our general subject matter, whether it is made exclusively for the site or already made. Thus, colorful OTC socks, that are made in America—and at great (competitive with overseas versions) prices—are the perfect item for our further contemplation (in this timely manner!).

Finally, the GIF is undeniably sexy, in that hairy-legged-guy-in-motion and frequently subliminal way, which is what is all about (being undeniably sexy in a frequently subliminal way!). (The action of pulling on one’s OTC socks, and in preparation of things to come, is a perfect visualized metaphor for what I am in the process of doing, too!) So, my soxy buddies, you surely see why I chose this moment for getting “on” with it? ‘Til next time!

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