From A Seed, Planted

When one ventures into (onto?) online territory, actual moments have little true timely meaning. What might be recent posts on HuffPo may be just that, but there’s no better way to verify content then witnessing the story—in real time. So it is that seeing shouldn’t automatically make you a believer. Case in point, a few weeks back I’d watched what appeared to be an of-the-moment, many-millions-viewed viral video. Which was promoted as such by the very wellknown server. It turned out for me to find, and those great numbers of others who’d bothered to check deeper, that the clip was a year old.


I refer to this inexactitude (of really knowing what time it is) in inner space, because of what seems to be happening here—and of what cannot be apparent. Which is that the site, and all that surrounds and inhabits it, has been around for much longer than just a few weeks. A few months. Even a few years. You see, the seed(s) planted for “Dandy” to begin its springing forth were sown further back than of what’s hardly in evidence. The germination, of gadfly being online now, began WAY back. To when, for the very first time I’d seen, admired, and became inspired by the real flowers that came about from real seedlings. Planted as it were in my mind well before I knew what was to become of those flowery thoughts. But I and you know (somewhat) better now!

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