It Begins !

Well, sorta.

Let’s just say that a man with a supposed mission must start somewhere ; and at some time. Otherwise, his so-called purpose, nowadays, could too easily be spent “spinning its wheels” ! So it is that I chose today as the official beginning of this “dandy” adventure !

Meanwhile, there’s the realization of how things are constantly in flux : the turmoil of the times ; which has had me feeling quite tentative. But what more can I do other than stay vigilant—watching over (and under) this new reality’s ever-changing facts and falsehoods—and to do my utmost best at keeping your accompanying me on this journey as jaunty (and less jarring) as possible !

With that, is my further promise to post with regularity and with a reverence towards attention spans ; Thus, compelling me to keep things short (and “tweet” !) and still of a pendulous nature ! How else could it be, but to leave some things hanging ; and to be taken up when next we “see” each other ? Plus this GIF(t), which is a test and a setter of the planned tone of foppish fun ahead. (I just hope it shows correctly—and without cause for any alarm !)

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