Forget? Me?! NOT!!!

But it may seem—well, to some of you—that I have at the very least been somewhat forgetful. That is, in my webmastering duties and seeming lack thereof! However, I haven’t forgotten my job; I’ve merely been waiting for something I knew was due to arrive. Then, use it to show you something worth the wait. Coincidentally, they happen to be “forget-me-not flowers.” Yes, of the “made up” kind. Which I was having specially made for WTJD. Lemme tell you, having something handmade, and in limited amounts, is not an easy task to undertake. Yet when the results are this “dandy” the time spent pondering is definitely worth it. Take a look; hopefully you’ll agree; although I think in-hand is a better way to view them!


Meanwhile, small though they may be these flowers, rather boutonnières, represent a much bigger part of the entire enterprise behind (and in front of) WTJD. In fact, they are simply and superbly emblematic of the aesthetics by which this endeavour was founded. They are exclusively made; but only for the sake of uniqueness, not to exclude one group over another from enjoying/owning them. They are handmade to show the brilliance of individual crafting. At the same time, they are designed and produced domestically. Insofar as that’s absolutely doable. Some materials, like yarns, are manufactured overseas. But the essence of each blossom is “American-made.” This includes what surrounds/enhances them. For instance, the box is from Long Island City, New York! Further, they are not preciously priced. Making something for sale expensively and only to a too-exclusive group who can afford it (as a way of buying good feelings about conspicuous consumption?) is hardly much of an accomplishment. Therefore WTJD’s pins (and any other wares we plan to make way for) can be yours without needing “deep pockets”!

Incidentally, they are being made available through a very small number of stores (gift and menswear). As soon as we can confirm that group, the names (and ways of your reaching them) will be posted here. For the time being, I ask for more of your patience—and to enjoy looking as you wait!

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