June’s In BLOOM!

Yes, my beau “buds”! June is (finally!) in full BLOOM here at WTJD. Which is a metaphor for us at last putting forth our very own and first set of exclusively (although not at all too expensively) made blossoms! Indeed, these boutonnières are for sale and of the highest caliber of craftsmanship! Make that hand-craftsmanship, as these flowers are all made individually by one of three crafty women across the country! But they’re not about making these pricey—just precious!


Meanwhile, these pins are presently only available at two of the nifty-est gift shops in the entire world! I don’t say that for hyperbolic sake; Urbanic Paper in Venice Beach, CA and Cursive in NYC, NY are well-known globally (and “bi”-coastal-y) to be among the best purveyors of the most interesting goodies available. Mainly, too, of “knicks” with a special “knack”. So, whatever’s to be found “fine” in either of these destinations, you’ll have a “dandy” time trying to find just about anywhere else! Still, both are not such eclectic experiences as to make shoppers feel excluded! The pair (though not related except by delight-full dispositions) are as welcoming and friendly as any stores you’ll ever step in to, and are equally chock full of things clever as quaint, curious and comforting! Thus, I implore you that if you’ve any interest in WTJD’s boutonnières—or other charms—to get in touch with or step in to either shop!

One other thing, once there’s a chance (and it’ll be soon!) WTJD will post more specifics about each flower (and the craftswomen responsible for their make) and about how best a dandy can “button” one on! See you, soon!

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