Where There’s A “Wyl” There’s A Way!

I’m gonna call this my WTJD “stripped teaser”! Partly my reasoning for calling it that should be fairly obvious; This young stud is drawn, well, practically naked! But why is he illustrated (by the astoundingly talented illustrator of erotic men, Butch McLogic) in such a “leading” matter? Because this particular dude—and his name is Wyl; short for Wylliam (yes, I know, youth and their sexy contrivances with letters!)—and his scanty rendering is fully intended as a titillating indication. Void of the extraneous while being just to this side of X-rated; and of how the “dandy” men of this site shall be both revealed and left mysterious. WylTwo

Basically any gent who contributes to our cause—for WTJD, Wyl is our kinda beau “Boswell”—is gonna be sketchily represented (for their  eventual bio page and other perhaps more public presentations!) to keep his total identity under wraps. Yet each man is rather randily uncovered at the same time! Guys are to be dually outfitted (wherever they’re clad!), too. In this instance, Wyl is westerly attired with dapper dashes. A sorta “urban cowboy slash dandy”, and part of an eventual fraternal tableau—of men ready to ride, rope, tie (and in Wyl’s case: whip!)—as well as being similarly clad and unclad! I’ll be doing my bit—by showing some of my “naughty bits” soon! But again, “Whipper Wyl” (yup, his drawing has a name!) is our tease for now!

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