Dapper is Classic—and More!

ORO141717-1From time to time, and definitely once WTJD gets rolling, we will feature the dandy-wears of others alongside our own aesthete accoutrements. It’s also likely that those featured will re-appear and often. One such case, I present to you now; of the divine men’s socks of Dapper Classics. I am not at all sure how I came to know DC’s goods. But in this instance, there’s no need to “look a gift hose in the mouth.” As their gentlemen’s hosiery seem just too perfect as to question why, where, and when. Frankly, they are simply and sublimely the best. Classic, too. But just au courant enough to make them coveted. For beyond those men like me, who already have an insane urge for such “under” things. Still, there’s much more to DC that warrants further exposition. But I only wanted to tease with a glimpse of their knitted divinities. Additional showings of their socks—and why they’re so outstanding as items to covet and as a company—will come later. For now, just imagine this toe-dip into how “soxy” it all is, all you OTC-loving guys!

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